General Facts & Questions

What is GAT?

GAT is the corporation entitled the Gymnastics Association of Texas. This corporation is organized exclusively as a professional association. The corporation shall be operated exclusively for the following purposes: (1) promoting the organization and development of gymnastics in all aspects of the sport; (2) developing enthusiastic public opinion in favor of the sport of gymnastics; (3) encouraging participation in the sport of gymnastics; (4) encouraging and implementing correct and safe methods of teaching gymnastics skills; and (5) promoting clinics and workshops in gymnastics throughout the gymnastics community."

Why haven't I gotten any information about the convention?

Our annual convention is held Labor Day weekend and registration information is found on our website.  We will send out an email, via Eventbrite April 1st announcing sales have begun for convention.  You may purchase your registration to the conference via Eventbrite begin April 1st.  You may also follow us on our Facebook and Twitter sites.

Did I get in to ITP?

If you register online for an ITP course, you are in that course.  Online ticket sales will stop once ITP courses are sold out.  

Can I attend ITP and any other lectures?

It depends on the ITP course and the schedule. An ITP can range from 6-15 hours (3 - 7.5 hours each day) so there are no guarantees you’ll have free time to attend general lectures.

Why is the convention on Labor Day Weekend?

The general voting body has elected to hold GAT Labor Day Weekend. If you feel the convention should be at a different time, we would encourage you to attend the business meeting during the convention (if one is scheduled), and bring it up for a vote. You may also contact any GAT Board/Committee member with your suggestion. A comment box can also be found at the downstairs registration booth during the convention.

If I am registered for an Instructor Training Program and I don't show up for all of the lectures - what happens?

Then you will not be able to receive your certificate of completion for the program.

I was a paid member of GAT for this year, but I did not receive my directory or newsletter when everyone else did. What do I do to get it since I paid for it?

GAT no longer mail hard copies of the membership directory to members. Any “news” will be posted on our website or on our Facebook page.

Why doesn't GAT offer the ITP courses on Friday and Monday so that we can attend the general lectures on Saturday and Sunday?

We budget for the convention courses to be offered on Saturday and Sunday only. Switching ITP courses to a Friday/Monday lecture schedule would mean that ITP Participants would incure the additional costs for two additional days of speakers, hotel conference rooms, guest rooms, etc. thus making the lectures too expensive for most to attend.

Convention Facts & Questions

Registering by Mail?

Click here to print the form, complete it and send with your payment to the address on the form.

Are there any discounts for groups?

Yes.  For every 10 paid registrations (either regular or ITP) you purchase, in one order, you'll get one regular (non-ITP) registration FREE.  All eleven registrations MUST be entered at same time to redeem!

Can I update my registration information?

You can update the information on your Eventbrite order (like name, email address, or answers to questions) by clicking your order on the Tickets page.  Also, if you entered a typo for your email, you can easily log in with the typo'd email address and password to update the email address on your Eventbrite account.

What if I don't know the name of my coach yet?

You may purchase tickets and then email names once they are hired or you know for sure who is going.  This must be done by August 20th.  Under registration, type name as "Coach #1", "Coach #2", etc.  You may also log back into Eventbrite order and make name corrections yourself. (see instructions above.)

Can I purchase an additional banquet ticket?

If extra tickets are available, they can be purchased onsite for $55 per person.  All guest, ages one and up, must have a ticket.

Substitution & Transfer Policy?

There will be a $25 fee for any changes in name or ticket types made after August 20th and before August 29th.  There will be no name changes made to namebadges after August 29th.

Refund policy?

ALL refunds must be requested in writing by either US Mail or by email and sent to the address on the registration form or to  Requests must be postmarked before midnight on 8/15/19. Refunds are available less a $45.00 processing fee.  Absolutely no refunds after 8/15/19.