#302 ITP BOYS 2

302 Instructor Training Program Boys 2- for teachers/coaches of older &/or optional team boys (Levels 8‐10 + High School & College).

Hours:  10 hours - This is a two day course on Saturday & Sunday.  Held on-site at the convention and off-site location to be determined.

Description:  Mission Statement: Just like the ITP-Boys 1…it is the intention of the ITP-Boys 2 to facilitate a positive learning experience to help further educate, motivate, and enable the participants from the program to provide the young men in their club/schools’ classes and/or teams the opportunity to develop better physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally through the participants' teaching, coaching, and/or coordinating in a more fun, safe, and productive manner. An extension of the above is that no gymnasts, teachers, or coaches should be turned away from the sport of Men's Gymnastics when they have the desire to have fun and to learn.

The ITP-Boys 2 is designed to address the needs of teachers new to teaching older boys in classes and/or coaching optional boys teams, as well as helping those who are veterans including the very experienced coaches of men’s teams. Men and Women Teachers, Coaches, Program Coordinators, Gym Owners, and Judges would all benefit from this program. This 10 hour course (10 seminars) utilizes interactive and practical seminars covering a wide range of topics necessary for effective training of upper level skills and concepts.

(Lectures with some videos, live demonstrations, active participation, & more are all included in the ITP-Boys 2). This course is great!!

Topics &/or Text Sections: Philosophical / Organizational / Communicational Aspects of Coaching Older Boys; Sports Psychology; Key Drills in: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, & Horizontal Bar; Technical Instruction & Hands-On Spotting - All Boys Events; Strength Elements; and Judging for Coaches.

Note: It is not required to have been in the ITP-Boys 1 at a previous

You must plan to be off-site for part of the weekend, please make appropriate arrangements for transportation.  Instructors will provide details.

Presenters:  Course Contributors and presenters: Directors, Authors, Consultants, Presenters, &/or Other Helpers (Past & Present): Greg Schram, Bret Stout, John Stout, Tom Meadows, Bill Foster, Tim Erwin, Gil Elsass, Kevin Muenz, Jason Selk, Hideo “Mizo” Mizoguchi, Bryan Kiser, Marcus Tyler, Paul Chumreonlert, Sean Sims, & Jerit Pogue (plus many gymnast demonstrators).