ITP Courses

ITP Courses require either the full two-day or six-hour attendance to receive completion certificate. If you attend the two-day courses, you will not have time to attend the general sessions of the conference. Courses are limited to the first 60 people.  Not every ITP course is offered yearly, so check registration information to see what is offered this year.


We are offering the following Instructor Training Programs (ITP) for 2018.  To learn more about which course is right for you check out the detailed ITP course descriptions found in the ITP Courses tab.  You must attend the entire ITP course to receive your certificate.

  • ITP 101 Rec - 10 hr course- Sat/Sun
  • ITP 102 Preschool - 10 hr course Sat/Sun
  • ITP 210 XCEL - 6 hr course Sunday
  • ITP 301 Boys I – 10 hr course – Sat/Sun
  • ITP 401 Office – 6 hr course Sunday
  • ITP 601 Brain & Body- 6 hr course Sunday
  • ITP 701 Sports Science - 6 hr course Saturday
  • “Hands On” ½ Day Spotting T&T Course – 4 hr Sunday Morning