Cheryl Cupples

Education Director



Plans all GAT seminars and education programs (that are not done through USAG), selects speakers, and plans new courses.


Cheryl Cupples was a competitive gymnast in Texas for ten years. She began coaching for Magic Circle Gymnastics at age 15. Cheryl has also worked with Biron Gymnastics in Houston from 1993-2014 and has coached all levels of gymnastics from preschool to competitive team.

Cheryl attended her first GAT in 1992 and has served as a clinician for GAT since 2005. In 2007, she joined the GAT board as an appointed awards committee member. In 2009 Cheryl began working with Cheryl Jarrett on education and in 2011 had the honor to take on the full responsibility of Education Director for GAT.

Cheryl has a bachelor’s degree in education from Houston Baptist University. She has been married to her wonderful husband Chris since 2000 and has three beautiful children.

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