Brian Smith

Men's Program Coordinator



ITP-Boys 1 & 2 Creator, Director, Co-Author, and Co-Speaker; Video Productions Specialist; Liaison between the GAT Board/Committee and the Texas Men's Program / Men's State Chairman.


Brian has been actively involved in gymnastics for over 20 years. He is currently the head coach at Lone Star Gymnastics; which is based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Brian looks forward to continuing and growing his career in gymnastics building not only strong, championship gymnasts, but also athletes that grow up to be champions in their own lives. In these diligent strides as a coach and mentor he continues to give back to the community.

Personal Philosophy:

One learns from success, but learns more from their failures. When you fall down, stand up again even taller than before. Live life with no regrets.

Contact information:

Phone: 817-312-2344