About Gymnastic Association of Texas

GAT's primary purpose each year is to educate gymnastics coaches and judges. GAT holds its annual convention in Austin, Texas Labor Day weekend.

What can this site do for you?

  • Register on-line for the convention beginning April 1, 2017.  Use the pulldown menu above under convention.
  • Advertise (see our advertising prices and places) Advertise in our convention program. Vendors and speakers will get first choice and then we will open it to the public for those choosing to participate.

Formal Purpose:

GAT is the corporation entitled the Gymnastics Association of Texas. This corporation is organized exclusively as a professional association. The corporation shall be operated exclusively for the following purposes.

  • promoting the organization and development of gymnastics in all aspects of the sport
  • developing enthusiastic public opinion in favor of the sport of gymnastics
  • encouraging participation in the sport of gymnastics
  • encouraging and implementing correct and safe methods of teaching gymnastics skills
  • promoting clinics and workshops in gymnastics throughout the gymnastics community