ITP #103 Rec Boys

#103 – ITP Kick-Start for Boys

One-day course for coaches new to men’s gymnastics or those wanting to improve their boys’ programs for beginning and class level boys.  Includes Yearly Membership dues, Access to Membership Directory, and Banquet Ticket.

Course is 6 hr. offered on Sunday only
Have you ever been handed a boys class and you simply had no idea what to do with them? Are you a female coach who has never worked on the men’s equipment? Do you need ideas for keeping your class level boys’ classes running smoothly?  Do you need some fun games for the men’s equipment? This is an ITP KICK-START for the boys!The new one-day course is designed for coaches who are new to men’s gymnastics or those who want to improve their boys’ programs for beginning and class level boys.  This is the PERFECT course for those who have never participated in men’s gymnastics and need to know what to do with the little rascals.  This is a six-hour lecture course. The focus will be on topics relevant to specifically boys classes.
Topics we will cover are: 

Surviving the Gauntlet: Working with Boys

  • Understanding psychological differences between boys and girls in a teaching environment
  • The learning styles
  • Class management
  • Discipline

Event Topics

We will cover the strength, flexibility, basic mechanics, drills and games for each of the following events:
  • Pommel Horse
  • Rings
  • High Bar
  • P-Bar


Come join us to build up the BOYS!
See ya’ll there!
Beth Gardner, Director

Gymnastic Association of Texas - Over 50 years of experience


Texas, Texas
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