Instructor Training Program #102 for Preschool Coaches

This 12 hour course is designed for coaches who work with preschool students.  It is a great course for both new and experienced preschool coaches.  The session topics for the ITP 102 for Preschool coaches are: 

  • Coaching Etiquette
  • Skill Deconstruction
  • Lesson Planning
  • Preschool Safety
  • Class Management
  • Warm-ups and Games
  • Coaching Parent & Tot Classes: Developing the Relationship with the Parent
  • Special People in our Gyms: Working with Special Needs
  • Props
  • Hands-on Spotting

 Our course enrollment is limited to 60 participants for the full course.  Registrants for the course will receive the book and materials for the course.  All sessions are closed to anyone who is not registered for the course.

*** If you register for the ITP 101 or ITP 102, please understand that you must attend all sessions in order to receive your certificate. If you do not attend ALL sessions, you will not receive the certificate. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Further, you must plan to be off-site for part of the weekend. ITP 101 for Recre102 for Preschool Coaches will be off-site on Sunday morning. ITP 101 for Recreational Coaches will be off-site on Sunday afternoon. Please make appropriate arrangements for transportation.


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